Blog Post 8: Claim and Support

Adultolescents are the twentysomethings that have moved back in with their parents and are having their parents look after them again.

Yes they do exist, and reports have shown that the population of them has grown recently in the past few years.

What has caused this is the students postpone their desires to start a family and a career for themselves until their older, or they haven’t found the right job yet because the higher paying jobs require a graduate degree and other jobs are scarce.

I do think this is a bad situation because the “adultolescents” are not using their new found independence to their full potential. In living back home with their parents they probably are sheltering themselves from real problems they’ll have to face later in life like a mortgage and bills.

What should be done is parents should not be easily persuaded to let their kids move back in with them whether they graduate or not. They should realize that they are old enough to take care of themselves and finally let them deal with adult situations and problems and let them learn from them without any supervision from the parents.

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Toulmin Analysis of O’Malley-Ehrlich Debate

Sata Hibbert


Engl 121-108

Toulmin Analysis of O’Malley-Ehrlich Debate

Claim: While Martin O’Malley and Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. debate about multiple discussions to try to persuade the state of Maryland which one to vote for, the discussion of the economy came up. How are they going to stop budget cuts and help the state’s economy grow?

Data: Ehrlich states that the unemployment rate has doubled, but there haven’t been any new net new jobs, we need more support for the small businesses, and how there needs to be a healthier private sector for the state of Maryland. O’Malley argues that there are actually 33,000 net new jobs, contrary to what Ehrlich said earlier. Also, what exactly will get us to benefit during the recession, which is increasing the biotech tax credit and creating the Invest Maryland Fund. Towards the end of the discussion of this topic, Ehrlich states that when he was in office unemployment was not a problem and reiterates that job creation is the issue.

Warrant: Ehrlich uses statistics to point out more flaws than solutions to these issues. In doing so, he wants to try to persuade the audience in picking him for governor by showing them the possible negative outcomes based on past incidents from when O’Malley was in office. O’Malley’s way of persuading the audience is with a different approach. Instead, of using too many facts and statistics, he tells them what he will change for the better if voted governor. By doing this, he tries to reassure the state of Maryland with promises of a better economy.

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Response to “Statement by Alabama Clergymen”

The “Statement by Alabama Clergymen” was a letter written by a group of clergymen (Pastors, Bishops, Rabbis, etc.) from Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. During that year, the southern states, like Alabama, were very tense trying to adjust to the new change of integration between African-Americans and Whites. What these group of men then did was compose a letter that discussed that although there are some in their community that try to ease the racial tension and attempt to come to some sort of compromise respectfully and peacefully, there are still others that try to get their point across different ways. The letter desribes the certain “Negro leaderships” that would take on performing improper demonstrations in the streets, and that the actions fueled by anger, hatred, and violence don’t make there situation any easier or better. The main concern of the Clergymen was during that time of change for both blacks and whites of their community and surrounding areas, they wish for Alabama to maintain a peaceful, calm, proper way of living. Also, to any groups or organizations that wanted to take action in a more brash way, to reconsider.

The main argument in this document is for all inhabitants of Alabama to try and remain calm during their difficult transition. The argument’s subject is about a group of spiritual guides that may have diffirent religious views, work together productively to get their message of peace across. Finally, the audience of the “Statement” is the town of Birmingham, Alabama and the entire black and caucasian community throughout the South. I found that the common ground the clergymen were trying to establish could be that they only wish for peaceful actions to be taken to relieve the town’s situation. I did find it convincing, but I probably would have found it a lot more convincing if I were to experience those years as a Birmingham citizen. My opinion is that in order to truly understand the gravity of the situation you have to live it and experience it first hand.

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